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EditPros publishes books and specializes in writing, editing and proofreading
for newsletters, brochures, website content, annual reports,
technical reports, research studies and articles for publication.

Davis, California
serving Sacramento and vicinity


Tips about the nuances of grammar and word choice, and answers to questions that our readers submit.

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When your workload is too heavy, some of your communication projects may not get off the ground.
We can help them fly.

Nineteenth-century poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge defined "prose" as "words in their best order."

Composition of imaginative, persuasive, evocative, thought-provoking writing, of course, is more complex than that. The process of choosing words and composing sentences and paragraphs does not necessarily demand the soul of a poet, but it often requires the services of a pro. That's why we're here. EditPros is an editorial services agency concentrating on the communication needs of business organizations. We specialize in writing, editing, proofreading, publication planning and management. With decades of experience as business writers, editors and published book authors, we help clients throughout the United States communicate with clarity in their marketing communications materials.

old trainLocomotive engineers didn't stoke the fire in the boiler without first knowing where they were headed. Correspondingly, we don't begin any writing or editing project without a clear sense of direction. As needed, we function as communication consultants who help our clients define and articulate their objectives. Once we've agreed on the destination, we help our clients stay on the right track.

How EditPros can help you.

EditPros produces newsletters, brochures, annual reports, trade press articles, client profiles, success stories, sales letters, written content for websites, and other marketing communications materials. Many of our satisfied clients have expressed gratitude for helping them avoid embarrassing and potentially costly errors that could have damaged their credibility and detracted from their business. Learn how EditPros can help you save money, save time and save face.

Accomplished writers, editors and proofreaders.

EditPros works with clients in Yolo County, Sacramento County and Solano County, including the cities of Davis, Vacaville and Sacramento, as well as the communities of Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Citrus Heights and Roseville. We also perform writing, editing, proofreading and web site content preparation for clients elsewhere in California, including the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, and in other states. Regardless of your location, EditPros can meet your needs for an experienced, meticulous editor, proofreader or writer.

The EditPros "grammar coach" answers perplexing questions.

etching of antique typewriterSubscribe to the complimentary EditPros monthly electronic newsletter, in which we discuss the nuances and effective use of language. In each edition, the EditPros "grammar coach" answers readers' questions about word usage, grammar, sentence construction, punctuation and other topics related to the craft of business and journalistic writing. If you would like to refine your ability to write clearly and persuasively, we invite you to read the current edition of EditPros News, submit a question to the "grammar coach" or subscribe by e-mail.

Books published by EditPros include:


"The Testing Ground — The Journey" front cover

The Testing Ground — The Journey
by Louis Evan Grivetti and Sargent Thurber Reynolds



Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? — Volume 3

Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? Volume 3
by Marti Smiley Childs and Jeff March



Jesus, the God Within cover

Jesus, the God Within
by Daniel L. Wick


Ak: Post-Asteroid Eden cover

Ark: Post-Asteroid Eden — Book 3 of the Ark Asteroid Trilogy
by Thomas A. Cahill

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