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Transform your manuscript into a book

The 21st-century renaissance in book publishing is well under way, and you can participate in it — thanks to digital printing technology. Until the mid-1990s, book self-publication had been a costly and risky proposition, requiring writers to buy cartons of books that they hoped to sell in order to recoup major expenses.

That changed with the introduction of cost-efficient print-on-demand (POD) technology, a digital process that enables just one, two or a few books to be printed at a time, as orders for them are received. Books that are printed digitally nowadays are indistinguishable from traditionally printed books. Self-published authors no longer need to order and store an inventory of books. As a result, much of the overhead cost in book self-publishing has been eliminated. This digital printing revolution can enable you to transform your manuscript into a finished book and sell it through major outlets as well as local retailers.

Print books and e-books

Book layout and cover design require expertise, however. Our BookPrep service will give your book strong visual appeal. We can adapt your text file not only for print publication in a variety of configurations, but also for the exacting requirements of e-book formats, to put you in the digital book marketplace.

Unlike some POD companies that act as publishers, BookPrep takes no sales commission. That’s because BookPrep is not the publisher — you are. We simply format your materials for printing, and help you establish your account with a POD printer-wholesaler that makes your finished book available to online and retail bookstores.

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