Americans are inundated with government analyses and news reports that are simply not based on fact. Many represent the best information circa 50-some years ago, when the federal Clean Air Act (CAA) was proposed, but fundamental errors in how the CAA was written and vast advances in health science result in regulations that are too strong in some instances, and fatally weak in others. But here’s the good news: protection is available for you and your family members, and you can do it yourself! You’ll learn how by reading this book.

I Can Breathe Clearly Now:

Protecting Yourself From Air Pollution

This is a book about a serious topic with life-or-death implications. It exposes and explores problems associated with soil and air contamination using complex scientific data that physicist Thomas Cahill and his colleagues produced through meticulous measurements and analysis over five decades.


(March 4, 1937 – May 1, 2019)