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EditPros specializes in editing, proofreading and book preparation services preparatory to publication. We work on content for newsletters, brochures, websites, annual reports, technical reports, academic papers, research studies and articles for publication.

serving Sacramento and vicinity

since 1993 from Davis, California

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When your workload is too heavy, some of your communication projects may not get off the ground.

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We can help them fly.

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EditPros specializes in text editing, proofreading, publication planning and management. With decades of experience as business writers, editors and published book authors, we help clients throughout the United States communicate with clarity in their informational and marketing communications materials.

Locomotive engineers didn’t stoke the fire in the boiler without first knowing where they were headed. Correspondingly, we don’t begin any writing or editing project without a clear sense of direction. We help our clients define and articulate their objectives, and we help keep their written content on the right track.


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