Refer a friend to EditPros —

and earn a reward of up to $500

If you recommend our services to a friend or business colleague, and that introduction leads to an editing, proofreading or document formatting assignment* for EditPros, we will compensate you with a “referral reward” equaling 10% of the amount we earn on the first assignment for the new client, up to a maximum award of $500. Naturally, the referral reward is applicable only for first-time assignments from client organizations for which we have not worked previously.

* This offer is not valid for our BookPrep publication services.


Thank you for keeping us in mind.

This offer will remain in effect until further notice.

EditPros LLC, established in 1993, performs editing, proofreading, document formatting and publication management services for newsletters, brochures, websites, annual reports, research studies, business proposals, and other informational and marketing materials.

Our office is in Davis, California, between Sacramento and San Francisco; however, our clients include educational institutions, private corporations, health care organizations, trade associations, scientific research institutions, website developers and government agencies throughout California and in other states. We have worked with some of them for more than 10 years.